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Moved by Grace is a narrative to reveal how spiritual lives blossomed after 'contact' with His Grace - after tasting the sweet love of

Sri Neem Karoli Baba 'Maharajji'

Using the festive ambience of the 15 June bhandara queue at Kainchi, as a warp and 11 versions of Hanuman Chalisa as a weft, the film weaves together remarkable and endearing stories of faith into a small shred of Maharajji's blanket of love. Equally the film is a heartful tribute to Maharajji and to the sweet surrender and devotion of so many of Maharajji's delightful devotees.

The  film endeavours to spotlight different facets of the Master’s grace through a few beings who represent us all as the countless nameless, faceless devotees of a Master. The potent reminder for us is that the subtle movement of grace can occur to any one of us as long as we are receptive.

These Moved by Grace stories are interspersed with different verses of the Hanuman Chalisa sung by 11 different devotees in their own unique melodies.


Released on Maharajji's Prakash Divas (Birthday) this year on December 1st, 2022

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