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WINDFALL OF GRACE offers an engaging blend of narratives from simple, rustic Indian devotees juxtaposed by narratives of renowned American devotees. These expressions seek to bring out not just the contrasts but also the similarities between the two by way of their overwhelming love and surrender for Maharajji. Their individual encounters with Maharajji sparked dramatic shifts in their life purpose along with their spiritual path and practice.

These stories interspersed with topical devotional chants and music and kirtan chants form the mainstay of the film. While there are many fascinating recollections of the myriad miracles that took place around Maharajji the film is more intent on focussing on the epiphanies, the devotion and the more profound shifts in consciousness that occurred as a direct consequence of his love and compassion.

Apart from invoking awe, it makes us better understand the characteristics which a truly exalted being would encompass so that more and more seekers don't fall for less genuine spiritual masters, and thereby end up in cults which continues to be a danger in present times. The idea is not to promote Maharajji as a master but to facilitate an openness to comprehending and celebrating the possibilities that beings like Maharajji exemplify.

Maharajji left his body 47 years ago in Sept 1973, yet the absence of his physical presence has not diminished his grace upon his devotees and rather his following has been growing year after year and this forms a significant premise for the relevance of this film. Through his loved ones we attempt to conjure up a vibration of what Maharajji was and continues to be. Finally, the potential significance of this film is for anyone who is a seeker and lover of truth and is interested in going beyond form and uniting with the spirit.

About Us


 Japna Tulsi  Editor /  Director / Producer

is a keen spiritual traveller and a seeker. She has a background in Rural Development, with a Masters degree in Social Work from TISS, Mumbai; and thereafter further studies in Anthropology and International Rural Development from England. She worked as consultant for a few years with various NGOs in the field of environment and sustainable livelihoods. She recently started an enterprise dealing in Khadi apparels and sacred adornments. 

Responding to a deep desire to fulfil her higher calling there, she embarked on this film project in August 2017 as an amateur film-maker. Windfall of Grace being her first film, it was a rather steep learning curve where she pretty much learnt everything from interviewing, script writing, to editing and directing. And through her immense determination and devotion has succeeded in transmitting Maharajji's love and spirit beautifully. 

RV Ramani  Cinematographer

is a Chennai-based independent documentary film-maker. He graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, in 1985, specializing in Cinematography. He started making independent documentaries and short films from 1990 onwards and has over 25 independent films to his credit. Ramani generally makes films that explore artists and various aspects of artistic expression. Although he works within the documentary form, his films offer an experience of fiction. Ramani’s works have been shown in numerous international film festivals. He has also been teaching courses in film-making, in a number of universities in India.

For this film, Ramani was involved not only as a cinematographer but also offered vital insights in conceptualising and editing the film.


Shekhar Garg  Cinematographer

Is a Haldwani based still photographer, who is well- established as a professional wedding photographer, though he loves to dabble in travel photography.   Given his ardent devotion towards Maharajji, he offered himself for this project in all sincerity. This was among his first documentary film projects and he was ever patient, adjusting and alert in recording the vast number of people interviewed for the film, at the various locations of the film.

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