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Sri Anjani Putra Hanuman ji, the ever dependable, supremely selfless yet spunky monkey God is widely regarded as the epitome of 'bhakti'. The Hanuman Chalisa composed by Tulsi Das over 400 years ago, is perhaps the most popular expression of personal Hinduism that can be encountered in India. 
This album comprising of 11 unique Hanuman Chalisas reflects the deep adoration for Hanuman ji  (aka Neem Karoli Baba for us) infused both in the melodies as well their rendition. We hope you enjoy listening and chanting alongside. Together we may invoke the glory of Hanuman ji by learning how to love and serve unconditionally. By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa over and over again may we discover the Hanuman hidden within us. All by His Grace 🙏🏽

All tracks mastered by Jakob Weise. 

Each individual Hanuman Chalisa is copyrighted by their contributors. 


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